Monday, February 13, 2012

Trip To Anawangin Cove (Iba, Zambales) Budget and Directions

Going to Anawangin is not as complicated as it seems. The strength and effort put into the travel experience is worth it as soon as you reach the island.

Here is the breakdown of the whole weekend getaway:

265.00   : BUS to Iba, Zambales  (Victory Liner, Edsa), Get off to San Antonio (you can also go to Pasay
               bus terminal with the same bus fare rate) - 4 hrs.
  30.00   : San Antonio Tricycle, Tell Kuya you're going to Pundaquit - 10 mins.
500.00   : Boat fare going to Anawangin (per head, Negotiable, includes island hopping to Capones Island) - 15-20 mins.
100.00   : Entrance Fee at Anawangin, You can pay at the store just in front of the fence
400.00   : Tents for Rent               
  30.00   : Tricycle from Pundaquit to San Antonio - 10 mins.            
  40.00   : Bus from San Antonio to Olongapo,  This is a regular bus fare, but you can just wait for an AC bus going straight to Cubao (we were on a hurry, that's why :)) - 1hr.
235.00   : Bus from Olongapo to Cubao - 2 to 3 hrs.           

FOOD budget is up to you. You can bring shellane, barbeque, anything you want and there are tables availabe as well. There are stores where you can buy food and snacks.

If you are a balikbayan or tourist, visit this wonderful haven in the Philippines just 4 hours away from the nation's capital, Manila.

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